Christmas Chocolate 2020



Peter Beier Chocolate offers a lot of wonderful Christmas chocolate, including everything from Christmas boxes with dessert chocolates,

chocolate advent calendars for couples, children and adults as well as this year's news: the Ice Christmas calendar.

You can also pre-order the perfect Advent gift, almond gift or try our very own marzipan and nougat for confectionery making.

We have the perfect gift idea for yourself or someone you love during the sweet Christmas season.

Corporate gifts

Corporate gifts should be given with care.

Peter Beier Chocolate is a signal of joy, profit and uncompromising sense of quality - with the recipient in mind, of course.

Depending on the number, there are almost unlimited possibilities to individualize and brand the boxes - we are happy to contribute ideas.

If you want an offer, you are welcome to contact us at:



The selected desired date for the pre-order is for dispatch
Only 1 dispatch date per order should be selected.

If other items are ordered with your pre-order of Christmas items, they will be sent out with the Christmas items.

Christmas items are available and can be sent out from 2 November

All Christmas calendars are available and can be sent out from 16 November