Welcome to Peter Beiers World of Chocolate, Ice Cream and tasteful experiences. Your guarantee of 100% handmade delicacies produced in Denmark since 1996. Specifically in the middle of nature at Ørsholt Estate, from which the Beier family develops and runs everything themselves.

Leading the way is the acclaimed and honored chocolatier Peter Beier, who trained in England, France, Belgium and Spain before returning home and creating world-class Danish Chocolate. For the pleasure of you and those you want to indulge in on those special days and on the ordinary days.

Treat your employees with delicious chocolate experiences.

Whether it is for Christmas, Easter, anniversary, or another occasion, we are ready to help you treat your employees with delicious chocolate experiences. We also offer a wide range of options for personalized and branded corporate gifts.

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Homemade icecream for all events

Be inspired by our various and colorful icecream assortment. Choose between a wide range of icedesserts, icecream layer cakes and enjoy the delicious tastes at home or on a picnic.

You can customize your own icecream layer cake for dkk. 599,-.


You can take our delicious Chocolate Brunch, Afternoon Tea and Chocolate Tapas home with you as a take away. All you have to do is select the store, date and time you want to pick up below.


Send a gift card to someone you think deserves it. You can either choose a physical or electronic gift card and we would gladly like to attach a personal greeting.