Welcome to Peter Beier's cocoa plantation located in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

Our chocolates are 100% handmade using cocoa beans from our own plantation, and ingredients from Ørsholt Estate.

At Peter Beier Chokolade, we have created a solid and sustainable Farm-to-Table concept, which runs throughout our entire production and out in the shops. At our plantation in the Dominican Republic, we have a dedicated team of skilled employees who produce some of the world's very best raw materials for our production of excellent chocolates.

As a completely integrated part of our Farm-to-Table concept, we work carefully to maintain the natural balance of nature, while we create the best possible conditions for growth of our cocoa trees. They are, therefore, planted in a diverse ecosystem with banana, papaya and coconut palms, as well as mango, lime and grapefruit trees. We harvest our cocoa beans every two weeks. They are fermented, roasted and conched by traditional means, after which the raw chocolate is transported to Ørsholt Estate. Here it fits beautifully into our Farm-to-Table production of chocolate of the highest quality.