Are you going to hold a summer party, student party or maybe a child's birthday, and want to provide a unique experience
for your guests, you can now rent your very own ice cream counter, with Peter Beier's delicious ice cream. Choose your 4 favorite ice creams from our large selection of ice cream.
 There are 20 liters of ice / 4 canteens, which is ideal for parties between 25-80 people
The ice cream counter is easy to take home in the car, and just to line up at home, so you can have a great party.

Price: DKK. 3500.-,  ( deposit of DKK. 1.500.-)

Possible purchases:

+ 1 L caramel DKK 89.-, + 1 L jam DKK. 89.-

 + 1 L fluff DKK. 45.-

Homemade waffles DKK. 10, -, Cups DKK. 5.- per piece


For further information and ordering, contact us on 49 17 00 26 or per. mail to