Chocolate Brunch,Tapas and Afternoon Tea


Welcome to the Peter Beier Chocolate Chocolate Lounge and Cafe Stores

In our cafe stores at Store Kongensgade, Østerbro and Axel Towers, we have created a universe where chocolate and experiences are at the center.

We offer our large selection of amazing chocolates, coffee and hot / cold chocolate drinks in different versions, wines complimenting your favorite chocolate as well as chocolate brunch and tapas.

We offer chocolate brunch and tapas in our 3 chocolate lounge stores located: Axel Towers, Store Kongensgade and Østerbro.


The classic chocolate brunch and tapas experience includes:
Homemade delights and good ingredients.
Possibility to buy beverage at special prices.
Pr. Person KR 149, -


The ultimate chocolate brunch and tapas experience includes:
Homemade delights and good ingredients.
A glass of house red wine, white wine or rosé.
Pr. Person KR 249, -





Our afternoon tea includes: Sandwiches with truffle salami and pesto, parmesan and pesto sandwiches, sourdough buns with chocolate spread, apple smoked cheddar, brownies, cookies, strawberries dipped in chocolate, chocolate scones, coconut and licorice cream buns, champagne and calvado truffles and Grand Marnier's heart and a dark diamond.


For 2 people incl. a hot drink: KR 450, -

For 2 people incl. a hot drink and a glass of bubbles: KR 620, -

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Our chocolate brunch includes: Chocolate spread, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Flamed Grapefruit with Cocoa Beans, Homemade Chocolate müsli, Seasonal Dragon Almonds, Apple smoked Cheese, and Truffle Salami. Including homemade Sourdough bunns.


Our tapas includes: Chocolate spread, Prouciutto de Parma, truffle salami, apple smoked cheddar, pesto, Hispaniola chocolate pastilles with salt, strawberry dipped in chocolate, melon and season dragé almonds. Including homemade Sourdough bunns.

Let's give you an experience you'll never forget!



Do you have any questions or wish to book a table by phone, call directly to our stores on phone number:
-Store Kongensgade: +45 4422 0355
-Østerbro: +45 3538 0110
-Axel Towers: +45 4422 5955