In our cafées, we have created a universe where chocolate, ice cream and experiences are in center.
Enjoy a delicious Chocolate Brunch, a tempting Chocolate Tapas, or a sumptuous Afternoon Tea with someone you care about.

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Chocolate spread, brunch-chocolates, Strawberries dipped in chocolate, apple smoked cheddar cheese, truffle salami, flamed grape with cocoa nibs, skir with homemade chocolate muesli, seasonal dragee almonds
Served with home-made sourdough buns and Rye bread
Brunch pr. Person: kr. 159.-
Sandwiches with salami and pesto, & Parma ham and pesto, sourdough bun with chocolate spread, apple smoked cheddar cheese, cookies, strawberries dipped in chocolate, chocolate scones, dragee almonds, cream puffs and filled chocolate. In addition, you will be served a piece of ice cream cake each.
*Minimum of 2 people for Afternoon Tea
For 2 people incl. a hot drink: kr. 498, -
For 2 people incl. a hot drink and a glass of bubbles: kr. 648, -
Parma ham, truffle salami, apple-smoked cheddar cheese, Hispaniola chocolate with salt, chocolate spread, Strawberries dipped in both ruby and dark chocolate, Seasonal dragée almonds, Melon & pesto
Served with home-made sourdough buns and Rye bread
tapas pr. person: kr. 159.-
In our café shops we have created a universe where chocolate and experiences are at the center.
Here we offer our large selection of fantastic chocolates, ice cream, coffee and hot / cold chocolate drinks in various versions, wine that compliments your favorite chocolate as well as chocolate brunch, chocolate tapas and afternoon tea.